Infection Control Training for Dental Practices

For dental practices looking for Infection Control training only, this package is designed to conveniently train teams with the recommended CDC Guidelines for dental settings.
(45-Day access to course materials)

  • Package includes training & recordkeeping logs
  • Latest interim CDC Guidelines
  • Yields 2 CE credits


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Infection Control for Dental Healthcare Providers

This 2 hour course is an on-demand webinar that provides the latest information on guidelines for dental settings set forth by the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC). This course is intended for dental practice teams including clinicians and auxiliary team members. (Yields 2 CE credits)


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Explain the purpose of the CDC, OSHA, and other legal entities that enforce clinical standards/laws for dental healthcare providers.


Define standard precautions and recognize each infection control practice required to provide the safest dental visit as put forth according to CDC guidelines as well as the Bloodborne Pathogen Standard defined by OSHA.


Define basic principles of infection control & their implementation in a dental setting. Review specific infection prevention strategies for Standard Precautions and Exposure Controls. Discuss application measures for PPE supplies, hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene, sharps safety, safe injection practices, the sterilization, and environmental infection prevention techniques.


Identify and define the 6 links on the chain of infection and indicate where the CDC recommended infection control practices can be used to interrupt the chain to prevent infection.


Discuss the CDC’s requirements for administrative measures including an annual infection prevention program review, implementing an infection control coordinator, and all of the necessary written policies for infection prevention in a dental practice.


List specific infection prevention practices for the dental healthcare provider’s personal safety that involve the CDC recommendations for immunizations and exposure management.


Summarize protocols and application measures to perform proper environmental infection prevention practices including proper disinfectant selection, operatory preparation, barrier use, handpiece safety, and instrument transport.


Outline the CDC recommended sterilization techniques and the proper sequence that ensures sterilization has been achieved.


Reiterate the importance of Dental Unit Waterline and evacuation line quality. Provide proven periodic testing/maintenance protocols that adhere to the CDC & EPA standards for dental practices.

This 2 hour course is self-paced and offered through an on-demand webinar format. It is intended for dental practice teams including clinicians and auxillary team members. This course yields 2 continuing education credits. Some courses yield CE credits. Check with your State's Dental Board to verify if this course meets mandated requirements.
About Your Instructor
India Chance, BSDH, RDH, CDIPC

India R. Chance is a Registered Dental Hygienist, CDC Inspector for the Maryland State Dental Board, Certified Infection Control Educator, & an Authorized OSHA Trainer. She trains dental healthcare providers to improve their knowledge of infection prevention & workplace safety. She works closely with the Organization for Safety, Asepsis & Prevention (OSAP) as an Editorial Committee Board member and serves as a consultant for various CDC dental industry projects.

  • National Certification in Dental Infection Prevention
  • CDC Inspector for Md State Dental Board
  • Authorized OSHA & HIPAA Trainer

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